2007-03-27 Choco Blog
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Just wanted everybody to know, that the Hash Animation Master is one amazing piece of software.

Working with splines is awkward at first, but getting over that wasn't a big problem for me. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other 3D modeling and animation programs, and in recent years it is adding features to provide better rendering quality. Features such as sub-surface scattering and various shader options can help users to create impressive results.

The one thing that has not improved, is the stability of the program. The subscription model of the company means that you pay yearly fees to receive the latest versions of the program. Now, new versions are released regularly, but easily for the first half of the year their releases usually have a few unpleasant surprises.

Placing vertices too close to each other, then try to edit them? Click. Crash.

For example, what kind of program crashes and zero out your data files, so that you lose all the work automatically? Amazing.

I think the software desperately needs an automatic data backup feature. Adding it isn't an admission that the software is bad. It's simply the right thing to do when you expect people to beta-test software for you. Maybe this feature can be turned off by default and hidden away in the various options. Microsoft Word does it. It'll even try to recover the file for you when restarted after a crash. Microsoft is making good money, they might be onto something good?

Some of the old users of this software have already moved on to something else. I am deciding whether to switch myself. It's really too bad, because for years I've waited for the software to mature, and every year I see improvements, but the software just crashes way too often. Nevermind about losing hours of work... this one wipes the file clean for you.

Update, March 30

Just bought Modo. Yay. Tried the software (available from web site, free for 30 days), liked it very much. It doesn't (yet) support animation, so I'll have to find another component that will help me rig and animate. If you are looking for a good 3D software, why not give Modo a try?


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