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M2A-VM not Vista Ready

Unlike what it says on the box of Asus M2A-VM motherboard, this board is not ready for Vista. Their AHCI drivers are not even signed, and OS installation always gets stuck. Changing SATA modes allows varying degrees of progress, but never completes installation.

I also think Asus web site is a pain to use, extremely slow and poorly designed. Asus does have reputation for stable boards, but this time it's just a rumor. Or maybe it's better to wait a few months before problems for a new product is flushed out and fixed?

Well, I replaced it with MSI K9AGM-FIH and it works without any problems. It has a built-in HDMI connector, and is capable of carrying both video and audio signals. From their web there is a page that shows which boards are Vista-capable, as well as which ones that work with different versions of Vista. MSI sure has no problem releasing a product using the same chipset (690G), certified for Vista with FireWire and HDMI ports. It costs a little more, but it's well worth the money in my opinion.

This is the second time I've had trouble with Asus boards. I am sure if I had waited a little longer so that I can skip the first 3 BIOS revisions, I will be much happier. But it isn't okay for a company to release something with major issues. Especially a feature that they advertise, on the box. Now days the motherboard always have so many functions integrated (sound, ethernet, USB, etc.) so it is an important decision to make when building a new computer. Having to wait for BIOS updates is a frustrating experience.

Anyways, the MSI-powered computer is very nice. And this time I am working with a desktop/HTPC case, so much fun.


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