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Jet Lag

What happens when your baby son suffers jet lag? He wakes up between 2 to 4 in the morning and wants Mommy and Daddy to play with him. Was it my imagination or is he crawling faster than before?

Harbinger of Doom

One of the things I noticed is that Bungie's Halo 3 forum has a lot of useless posts and many immature users who ought to spend more time learning to write/communicate better than posting rubbish. I am sure a lot of Halo 3 players are young, even though the game is not suitable for them, so they may not be capable of seeing what is right or wrong. Then there are a few more who decided to be juvenile, cowardly hiding behind anonymity offered by Internet. How do you deliver a clear message to such a body of troublemakers that they are going to get their comeuppance, and warn others to play nice?

Read Bungie.net's weekly message, and it says:

Harbinger of Doom

There are those of you doing things you shouldn’t be in Halo 3. Some of you have gotten a little too famous for your own good. This ain’t a church and there is no redemption or salvation once you have been judged. Apologies are now officially too late to save you.

The storm approaches.

Love, Bungie

They must had a lot of fun writing these messages. I wonder what's going to happen?


Several documents have finally left the work in progress category, some more are almost ready, just waiting for quick proof-reading and maybe a few pictures.


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