An Inconvenient Truth
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This documentary presents the evidence of global climate change during the past decades, outlines the danger and current trends, and provide some solutions on how everyone can help. This is a very educational program, and while the topic is very important and serious, the star Al Gore manages to be very entertaining throughout the presentations.

While I think the personal background of the presenter did not add to the presentation, it does help people to understand some of his motivations. Overall this did not distract me too much. I think global climate change should be a personal issue for everybody; more people become aware of this, the better.

The DVD bonus material also includes an update on the evidence and interpretations since the original film was made. Definitely worth following up.

The message of this documentary is clear, global warming is an issue that concerns everybody on the planet; it must be addressed soon. Some people may be clouded by lack of information, and not everyone can recognize problems that may hurt their political careers or income. The documentary has a lot of good material for people to make up their own mind, and everybody should watch it.

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 8 / 10 

This movie seemed more like a presidential campaign commercial. This movie couldve been so much better and draw far less suspicion without all the personal crap. This movie is about the degradation of our climate due to CO2 emissions. Fine. Show me the data. I really dont need your justification for liking the environment because you grew up on a tobacco farm in Tennessee.

Throwing entertainment bits is fine. Its a movie and needs to keep the audience attention. That said, putting a Futurama clip was applicable. Data presented was fine but seemed to have some holes in it. I wouldve liked to have know where and how some of his statistics and facts were collected. As we know from Michael Moore, certain bits of facts can be plucked from here and there to over-emphasize your point. 73% of people know that.

So why the score of 8 and not lower? Well, I'll be honest. There are probably alot of good stuff that I missed or just misinterpreted. Especially since I watched this whole movie completely trashed. For reasons why I was trashed see my future review of the Filipino beer called "Red Horse."

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 8 / 10 

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