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I learned several years ago from school that modulus operations (% operator) is expensive. Never figured out how expensive it is, and I wondered if today's processors will magically speed up this process.

Very often I need to map a moving window to a data stream, and require a way to calculate the offset within that window using modulus operations. For example, the position in the stream modulo the size of the access window, when maintaining a FIFO/buffer as temporary storage.

Alternatives For This Experiment

Instead of calculating the offset every time using %, the offset is recalculated every time the window moves. For example:

buf[offset++] = data;
if (offset >= windowsize) offset = 0;

versus using modulus:

buf[offset++ % windowsize] = data

The difference is one requiring branching and the other modulus operation.

Experiment Results

With some test code, I am able to produce some timing data (in seconds) involving functions that use one of the two methods described earlier:

  1 2 3 4 5 ave.
branching 39.850 39.822 39.352 39.686 39.475 39.637
modulus 44.228 44.010 44.144 44.314 44.679 44.275

This is profiled on a quad-core computer over a 128MB data set, producing exactly the same output. The code path using modulus operation is taking about 12% more time to execute. Although more code is necessary to achieve the same results without using % operator, the return is significant. This is true especially if the branch prediction on your platform is very robust, and the likely result (as in this case) is very predictable.


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