Bomberman Live
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Bomberman Live is able to accommodate up 8-players, and is best when playing online or locally against your friends.

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Developer Hudson Entertainment
Web site
Platform Xbox 360
Cost $10.00
ESRB Rating EVERYONE. With comic mischief and tobacco reference.

Game Mechanics and Controls

  • Lay bomb in arenas that will explode after some time. Use bombs to eliminate other players or objects in arena.
  • Eliminated object also reveal upgrades to improve the power of bombs or the player character.
  • Upgrades adds different strategy to the game by changing the way bombs are handled and their effects.

Excellent Ideas

  • After a player is bombed out of the game, if the revenge mode is enabled, that player can continue to lob bombs from the sidelines along the edge of the arena. Gives eliminated players things to do while they wait for the winner to emerge.
  • Finding matches online is easy and fun. There are a lot of good players online.
  • There are some derivative games with slightly different winning conditions, such as painting most number of tiles, etc. Having these different goals is an interesting distraction as they force players to deploy different strategy, but the game mechanics really is still the same. This goes to show the advantages of having a strong core mechanic can allow slight modifications to extend gameplay options.


  • Unlocking costumes. Shouldn't make people unlock these. At least, they should be unlocked at a faster rate. Good thing they do not change the game play in any way.
  • I seem to remember when I was playing Bomberman on SNES, the initial bomb covers 2 tiles in each direction? It's only 1 tile for this version, allowing fewer things to be included in the blast radius.
  • The game doesn't remember my preference for camera angle.

Other Notes


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