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Carcasonne is a tile-based game based on a board game named after a town in France.

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Developer Sierra Online
Web site
Platform Xbox 360
Cost $10.00; free during the Live is 5ive event.

This game is easy to learn, fun to play and well worth the money. It is a good distraction when I want to take a break and get a quick game going. The in-game tutorial is very nice, helps people new to the game by showing the rules with examples.

Game Mechanics and Controls

  • Take turns to draw tiles that have geographic (rivers, etc.) or buildings (castle, road, etc.) features and place them on game board.

Excellent Ideas

  • As the features of each tile must connect, depending on what is already on the game board the locations available for placing a tile can be limited. This is what introduces trade-offs to players' actions so they must consider carefully.
  • Followers can take up a position on the placed tile, to claim points when a feature is completed. Number of followers is limited, and if they are used as farmers or assigned to incomplete features they cannot be reclaimed.
  • Most features cannot be completed in just one turn. For example, for monastery to be completed the surrounding 8 tiles must be filled. So the placement of tiles can simultaneously help you attain higher score and hinder your opponents.
  • Once 72 tiles have been placed on the game board, the game is finished and final scoring starts. Here the farmers can help you collect additional points by having their farm land reach castles (not sectioned off by roads). Partially completed features (such as roads going nowhere, etc.) will receive some points also.
  • I like the character art style.


  • Wish I can skip or fast forward the scoring part, so that I can play another game sooner.

Other Notes


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