Company of Heroes
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Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game with World War II as its background.

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Developer Relic Entertainment
Web site
Platform Microsoft Windows.
Cost $49.99
ESRB Rating MATURE. With blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language.


Game Mechanics and Controls

  • Squad-based control is slightly different from other RTS games. So the squads move towards the area that you want them to go, and will position individual members on their own.
  • Vehicle control and positioning of squads require a lot of micro-management.
  • All of the individual units feel like they move with a purpose, and this helps for a great playing experience. Once you issue a command to a squad, its units will move from cover to cover and engage enemies intelligently.

Excellent Ideas

  • There is a button just for running away! This is a great feature for saving your high-level squads. When this button is used, the units run faster and have a good chance of escaping. An RTS game should not penalize you for running away, as running is part of a strategy...
  • The cut-scenes are well animated and the voice effects are done very well. The way cut-scenes blend into game play is a nice technique. I think the game does not have more graphic violence than other RTS games, but probably it was the language that earned Company of Heroes its mature rating. The cut-scenes shares many similarities with the movie Saving Private Ryan's beach invasion scene. Perhaps not as graphic, but with tremondous impact and sets the mood for the game.
  • Different paths for development can change the game play for you, and the way units behave makes each game feel a little different.
  • Fighting for resource points and positional advantage promotes constant engagement and shift of power.


  • There is no campaign for the Axis side, so no chance to practice with Axis units.

Other Notes


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