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Watched it so many times, interesting dialog and story. Each character has their own unique personality. Though the River character is a little bit of disasspointment. She is not nearly as cool as she is in the movie Serenity.

My favorite episodes are Jaynestown and Our Mrs. Reynolds.

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 10 / 10 

Firefly is a television show, following the adventures Captain Reynolds and his crew. A strange mixture of science fiction with western, Firefly combines great dialogue and action to tell interesting stories. Although Firefly was cancelled after the first season, a movie Serenity was made a few years later and wrapped up the story arc from end of television series.

Each of the episodes deploy different story-telling techniques, like the entire series, that often isn't coherent at first. But at the end of the episode everything falls into place, and it makes me want to watch the episode again just to see what I missed. In fact, unless you buy the DVD box, you probably saw the episodes out of chronological order and missed 3 episodes. What was FOX thinking?

Unfortunately the no new episode is being produced. This show has so many interesting stories to tell. Many great characters have been developed throughout the series. Their struggle to reach their goals and to preserve their ideas, exhibited via humorous dialogs and unorthodox methods hold much surprise and attraction for the audience to enjoy.

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