Nacho Libre
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Having seen Jack Black in School of Rock and then heard about Nacho Libre, I really thought this one is going to be good. It's wrestling involving pious people, all taking place in an exotic country, "This one can't go wrong," is what I said to me wife.

Well, Ignacio's facial expression is still as funny and expressive as ever, but the fact that he is a friar living in a monastery, ends up being an invisible cage that have limited the comic potential of Nacho Libre. My impression is that, anytime he is not wrestling the movie gets extremely boring. And when he does wrestle, there isn't a lot of comic and spiritual connections to his occupation as a religious man. So the monastery and exotic setting ended up adding very little to the humor.

So I guess my high expectations ended up making this a movie a disappointment. At least the characters Sister Encarnacion and Esqueleto did their parts well, and their interaction with Ignacio sparked some of the funniest moments in the movie. So Nacho Libre isn't awful, but I should have rented the DVD instead.

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Languages English, French
Subtitles English, French
Rating PG
Region 1

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