PSIP Tables
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The Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) tables are section data transported in ATSC transport streams to deliver events and information regarding broadcast programs available. For reference, some tables contained within section data are summarized below.

Table ID Description PID


0x00 Program Association Table 0x0000
CAT 0x01 Conditional Access Table 0x0001
PMT 0x02 Program Table specified in PAT
MGT 0xc7 Master Guide Table 0x1ffb
TVCT 0xc8 Terrestrial Virtual Channel Table 0x1ffb
CVCT 0xc9 Cable Virtual Channel Table 0x1ffb
RRT 0xca Rating Region Table 0x1ffb
EIT 0xcb Event Information Table specified in MGT
ETT 0xcc Extended Text Table specified in MGT
STT 0xcd System Time Table 0x1ffb
DCCT 0xd3 Directed Channel Change Table 0x1ffb
DCCSCT 0xd4 Directed Channel Change Selection Code Table 0x1ffb

PAT, CAT and PMT are specified in MPEG2 specification. PSIP tables start from table ID 0xc7.


System Time (STT)

To help with time synchronization. Suggested repetition rate is once every second.

Master Guide (MGT)

An index of other PSIP tables such as EIT and ETT, as well information regarding the tables (their sizes, version, PID, etc.). Suggested repetition rate is once every 150ms.

Virtual Channel (VCT)

Provides major and minor channel numbers. Digital channels are usually in the form 7.1, where 7 is the major number and 1 is the minor number. The modulation frequency between major channels change, but not for minor channels.

For terrestrial broadcasts, TVCT is delivered; for cable, CVCT. Suggested repetition rate for TVCT is once every 400ms.

Rating Region (RRT)

Provides rating information for parental control, etc. This table is not fixed to rating standards of a specific country.

Event Information (EIT)

Delivers the title and program guide. A stream is required to contain the first 4 tables (EIT-0, EIT-1, EIT-2, and EIT-3) describing 12 hours of events. EIT-0 contains informations regarding programs that are currently showing. Each EIT covers a 3 hour window.

Suggested repetition rate for EIT-0 is once every 0.5 seconds, EIT-1 is once every 3 seconds, EIT-2 and higher is once every minute.

Extended Text (ETT)

Provides more information about channels and programs. This is optional in a stream. Suggested repetition rate is once every minute.

Directed Channel Change (DCCT)

Provides information allowing broadcaster to change channel at a specified time. Optional.

Directed Channel Change Selection Code (DCCSCT)

Broadcasters use this table to change information used by directed channel change. Optional.



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