Prince of Persia Classic
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Prince of Persia Classic is a re-make of the original Prince of Persia in 3D.

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Developer Gameloft
Web site
Platform Xbox 360
Cost $10.00
ESRB Rating TEEN, for blood and violence

The art in the game is beautiful, with a lot of details that really makes the levels a lot more interesting to look at. And there is a fairy thingy that guides players towards the next section, so it is a lot easier to find my way around.

The 360 version brings back great memories from long ago, this is still a great game but I now have a lot less patience to try again. I am not so interested in the fighting part of the game, so the new combat mechanics is a little annoying for me because I have to spend more time fighting. But the new moves definitely creates more strategy for shaving off level completion time. Overall this version feels different from older versions but is definitely an improvement.

Game Mechanics and Controls

  • Guide character from room to room by performing various acrobatic moves. There are various tiles that will open/close doors, some of them can be broken to reveal hidden passages.
  • Certain locations have guards or boss characters which you must fight. Such encounter is finished when the enemy is killed, by sword, falling from platform or triggering traps.
  • Fighting is done by positioning your character and use attack or block actions. It is also possible to avoid fighting by putting away the weapon.

Excellent Ideas

  • Upgraded graphics from previous versions while maintaining the smooth animations for all movement and actions. The new back-flip and wall-jump animations look very very cool. Especially for the levels right before fighting the dark prince, pulling off all the jumps is a very satisfying experience.
  • New mechanic slows down animation during parrying so that player can react to the follow-up attack.
  • Final boss has more interesting moves from before: able to shoot magic beams and push player character across the room.


  • Precise controls must be mastered as some of the jumps are very tricky.
  • Dying often can be frustrating.
  • It's possible to continue from the last check point, but the time spent on previous attempt is not restored. It is possible to run out of time to save the princess this way.

Other Notes

  • The fighting in this version is now more involved; I remember previously it was just pressing guard and attack very quickly. I think this is a good thing as it makes the fighting encounters a much more important game element.


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