The Gospel of Judas
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I read the original article published in National Geographic, and instantly became immensely interested in The Gospel of Judas. This DVD includes material from the original article, plus accounts from various experts that participated in the project to authenticate and restore the ancient book. It is an excellent, educational and entertaining program.

Certainly the discovery of this text adds an interesting perspective to Christianity and the world at around two thousand years ago. There is much information you can learn about other gospels as well, when the program compares how Judas has been portrayed. Finally, the inverviews also connect Judas to significant historical events that came later. Even the process of this text's revelation is an intriguing story.

I don't perticularly care for the reenactment of the texts, but I suppose they help to illustrate the scenarios better than if translated texts or original papyri were displayed instead. On the packaging it said Codex excerpt is included as a special feature, but really only a small part is available. You'll need to visit the National Geographic web site to get more information, where the translated text is available. I just thought this material could have been integrated into the DVD for a more complete special feature.

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