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Worms is a port of the original game to the 360. While it is missing some of the best weapons found in the sequels, the solid game play makes it a nice distraction when you want to spend just a few minutes playing.

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Developer Team17
Web site http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/w/wormsxboxlivearcade/
Platform Xbox 360
Cost $10.00
ESRB Rating EVERYONE 10+. With mild cartoon violence.

Game Mechanics and Controls

  • The worms can choose from many weapons, walk/jump around to launch your best shot.
  • Wind affects the projectiles dramatically. Remember you can set the fuse time for many weapons.

Excellent Ideas

  • The game play is very solid. Just like gorillas and other games before it, tossing stuff at another person never gets old. The simple physics makes it easy to understand why a shot did not go the way you intended it to, and allows to make adjustments accrodingly. On top of this mechanics, there are some crazy weapons for those who wants to play with a particular style.
  • Most the weapons, their power, and frequency of their availability is very well balanced for a good match. I think whether you like the balance depends on the way you play. You can air strike other dudes to death, but where is the skill in that?
  • The presentation in HD is very good, with excellent animations for the sprites. The game provides a reply in slow motion immediately after a spectacular shot or failure.
  • Challenge missions and achievements are fun to complete, and multiplayer is definitely a lot of chaotic entertainment. While you and your friends are taking turns to kill worms, people who are not playing can social and trash talk. This game is fairly easy to pick up, but you should turn off the move timer if you are playing with new players.


  • Ninja rope just doesn't work too well for me. I see how the computer-controlled opponents can do some amazing moves from one place to another just using the rope, but the control didn't translate well, in my opinion.
  • Behavior of the enemy worms is always the same. So if you ever restart a challenge, you can perform the same moves to kill the same worms. Every time.
  • They changed the sound effect for Dragon Ball and Fire Punch! Why?

Other Notes

  • For some reason the game is really loud? Good thing I can lower the in-game volume and save it.

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