Dreamcast is the last home console made by Sega. It is in many ways ahead of its time, it shares the same architecture as the NAOMI arcade platform, has built-in network device to allow online play and outputs high quality (VGA) graphics.

Dreamcast controllers can also connect with VMU. memory cards that have a LCD screen built-in. A few games took advantage of this feature, by allowing players to select actions without other people seeing, such as in sport games. For most games the VMU with LCD is not useful at all, and they are more expensive. Since there are so many fighting games for Dreamcast, I bought arcade joysticks for my system, highly recommended.

Dreamcast consoles are region locked. Production for Dreamcast has stopped, so it is very difficult to import a foreign console now. There are places where you can get a kit that makes the console region-free. However, soldering work is required, and it may damage your system. Some of the better games, such as Shenmu II or Headhunter, were never published in the United States. In order to play these games you will need to import them from Europe or Japan.

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