Fool on the Planet
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This is a compilation of the pillows, many of the tracks is used also in the bizarre animation FLCL. The association with the animation was the original reason why I first bought the album, but I have grown to like hearing the songs on their own without the visual effects (of some crazy character whacking another with a Gibson). It feels like most of the songs share a very similar rhythm and melody, and this I happen to prefer, because I like the guitar riffs very much.

There are a few songs (such as the hidden track) that break up the overall coherence of the album by having a different sound stage, and they've been minor annoyances for me. There is a lot of English and for the most part I think they really help to improve the experience. Overall this is a very nice album and well worth the cost.

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 8 / 10 

Fool on the Planet

    1. Fool on the Planet
    2. Swanky Street
    3. I Think I Can
    4. インスタントミュージック
    5. Trip Dancer"
    6. One Life
    7. 屋上に昇って
    8. Midnight Down
    9. カーニバル
    10. 確かめに行こう
    11. Little Busters
    12. Ride on Shooting Star
    13. Naked Shuffle
    14. Funny Bunny
    15. ストレンジ カメレオン
    16. ハイブリッド レインボウ

Media Information

Artist the pillows
Label King Records
Format CD

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