Foreign Language Support
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Language Support Required

Some of the documents accessible on Puchu.Net contain characters not present in your local language. In order to read the portions that contain these special text it is necessary to install corresponding font support for your browser or operating system.

Here is a list of languages in use on Puchu.Net and their corresponding code:

en English
en-pg English (Pidjin)
en-us English (United States)
zh-tw Chinese (Taiwan, Republic of China)
ja Japanese

Note to Editors

While it is not necessary if only English is used, since locale for Puchu.Net users is in the United States, please include Template:LanguageSupport if you intend to include foreign text. This is done by adding the following code at top of your document:

{{LanguageSupport|code=en-pg, zh-tw, ja, ...}}

Where code parameter contains one of the languages listed above. This will display a box with the language requirement listed, and a link that will take your reader to this page.

Document Title Must Be In English

To help indexing and simplify URL, please do not use UTF-8 characters to create new documents. You can use romanized spelling, or English translated meaning instead. See Touhou Youyoumu for an example; the author used romanized spelling for page title, and included original Japanese title for reference within the document.

Editing Examples

You can access all of them via Language Support Required category. Here is a list of recent updates for use as reference:


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