Traveling in Japan
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Resources we used to plan for our trip to Japan in 2005. Our trip included a few days in Nikko (日光) area, and the rest of our vacation in Tokyo.




  • Natsukashiya Fuwari (懐かし家風和里), a very nice ryokan with both indoor and outdoor baths. Food is excellent and exquisite, with each evening a sampling of different Japanese style cuisine.
  • LeMeridien Pacific Tokyo, right across the street from Shinagawa station, very convenient.


Ticketing Service

  • JTB Japan, you can find hotels here and ask JTB USA to book for you. This site also shows nearby attractions and hotel amenities.


Maps from nearest train station to various point of interest in Tokyo area, from Google Maps:

We used these to find places we wanted to go, by following the streets marked by red lines, as well as using shops (McDonald's and 7-Eleven, etc.) as guides.


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