Japan Trip 2005
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Several friends and I have always wanted to go visit Japan. But package tours did not really appeal to all of us, plus there is work and other excuses. Finally we got our acts together, planned out places we wanted to visit, activities we wanted to do and went.

It was fun, as we weren't restricted by schedules set by tour guides, and we went out of the way to visit Nikko, a hot spring resort that does not see too many western visitors like Tokyo. We only had to take taxi a few times, and did the rest of our trip by train and on-foot. It was very relaxing, and we got to experience many parts of everyday Japan.

The food, ahhh..., the food was great. Some times we didn't know what we ate. Should have taken more pictures. Highly recommend the 雪苺娘 mochi at Yuurakucho and cream puff at Yokohama JR stations! I also came back with an addiction for hot corn chowder that you can buy from vending machines.

If you are interested in planning your own trip similar to what we did, maybe our notes will help.


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